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oscars 2014

Poehler, Murray, Rudd, Hader: See the Ultimate Oscar-Party Shenanigan Pic

If this picture from the Vanity Fair Oscar party were just of Bill Murray and Bill Hader lifting Amy Poehler, it would have been enough. (Or "dayenu," in Passover terms.) And if Paul Rudd were to wander over to help with her feet, well, that would just be gravy. Okay, but what if Andy Samberg, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, and Adam Scott were to join in to snicker while Amy is dropped? (There's someone behind Bill Hader, and let's just assume that's Jon Hamm, because that's where he'd be.) If this were a yearbook pic, the caption would be, "Hollywood High School's class clowns are at it again!" And like high school, let's hope that they all left the party to get baked in Samberg's basement and watch Stripes and pig-pile on Bill Murray.

Photos: Jeff Vespa/VF14/Getty; Jeff Vespa/VF14/Getty; Jeff Vespa/VF14/Getty