See Another Dreamy Mad Men Teaser


Here's another inscrutable Mad Men teaser, with various characters at the airport, moving in slow motion to Alice Russell's "Breakdown." Is everyone breaking down? Are they there to see Don off? To greet him as he arrives? Or is everyone heading out on his or her own journey? And where's Joan? This promo combines the previous promo of Don on the stairs of a plane with the psychedelic color palette of the season seven poster, so now we know … even less about what the new season will include. Vagaries aside, at least this promo captures that glassy-eyed confusion one gets when seeing signs for arrivals and departures: Wait, I am arriving at the airport, you think for a second, before you realize your true purpose is to depart from the airport, and so you follow that arrow instead. Thank you, Mad Men promo department, for portraying that aspect of the human condition.