The Vulture Festival Is Coming This May!


Do you have anything planned the weekend of May 10 and 11? We don't care if it's your mother's birthday, your brother's wedding, or your own adult bar mitzvah — get ready to send your regrets. Because Vulture is proud to announce the first annual Vulture Festival: Two days of panels, performances, and screenings covering all things pop culture with the same smart, fun sensibility you're used to getting from this site. Our events will cover TV, movies, music, books, theater, and art — just like Vulture does! — in fresh, surprising ways. The full lineup, which will include a Saturday night concert and a Sunday night comedy show, will be unveiled on April 7, when tickets go on sale, so keep an eye on the festival website for further details. See you there! (And again, sorry about your mom's birthday party. You'll get her next year!)