Watch Amy Poehler Praise Julia Louis-Dreyfus


"We all know that movies are dumb and TV is awesome," Amy Poehler said last night at the Television Academy's Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Poehler was there to introduce inductee Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and the speech is of course funny and charming. "Unlike the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Television Academy is open-minded," Poehler said, "and they're choosing to induct Julia while they overlook her well -known history of gambling on Seinfeld episodes." Poehler referred to Louis-Dreyfus as "everyone's favorite," and said, "she is like us, except smarter and prettier." Would that Amy Poehler could introduce us all so lovingly.

And here's Louis-Dreyfus's acceptance speech, which includes memories of her high-school physics teacher, a really telling anecdote about Larry David, and a well-placed drop of the C-word.