A Sequel to the ‘Alan Partridge’ Movie Is on the Way


Steve Coogan is probably going to end up playing Alan Partridge forever. He’s preparing to make a sequel to Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, the movie that starred his beloved character and was released last year in the UK and today in the US, The Guardian reports. The Guardian was told the news by Henry Normal, Steve Coogan’s producing partner at his company Baby Cow. The Alan Partridge movie spent nearly a decade in development before finally being filmed and released last year, to critical and commercial success in the UK. Coogan originated the bumbling broadcaster character in 1991 for the radio show On the Hour, creating Partridge with Armando Iannucci before taking it to several other projects, including multiple TV shows, web series, TV specials, a faux-autobiography, and more. Normal didn’t give any specifics about the plot of the sequel or how far along in the planning process they are, but it seems like it’s just in the development stage right now.

Henry Normal also said that they’re planning on making another Alan Partridge TV special for broadcaster Sky Atlantic, a take-off on popular BBC documentary series Coast, which travels the coast of Britain. Normal described the show as being, “a little bit like Coast with Alan Partridge, except I don’t think he goes out of Norfolk. I think it’s things of interest in Norfolk, that’s the general theme … We start writing now. I think we make it at the end of summer.” As if that’s not enough Alan Partridge for you, Normal added that Coogan and company are considering making more episodes of Mid Morning Matters, a Partridge-hosted branded web series that was picked up by Sky Atlantic for its second season, which is expected to debut sometime this year.