Archie Comics Will Kill Off Archie Andrews


Archie Comics is killing off its star. Well, kind of. CNN reports that in the Life With Archie series (No. 36, to be exact), the series' namesake will bite the bullet in order to save a friend. Heroic! But while that death will close out that specific series, Archie is actually still alive in the Archie series set in the present day. (Life With Archie is set in the past, where each comic includes a story of Archie with Veronica and Archie with Betty. This ultimate ending will be the same for both.) So don't worry, Lena Dunham will still be able to write her Archie comics. And in case you were wondering if this death thing was just a ruse, you haven't been paying attention. There's already a series where Archie is a back-from-the-dead zombie, explains Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater: "Afterlife With Archie will continue, and we will keep on taking risks with different and new interpretations of our characters." Comic books can really do whatever they want, can't they?