Beyoncé and Jay Z Crashed Coachella


Jay Z and Beyoncé aren't on the official Coachella schedule, but that didn't stop the reigning king and queen of all that is good and awesome from making an appearance at the festival yesterday. While Solange was performing in the Gobi tent, Beyoncé slyly came on stage during the final song, joining her little sister on the delightful "Losing You." Billboard reports the crowd grew even bigger as people realized just who was on backup dancer duty, but when it was over, Bey simply hugged Solange goodbye and left the stage. Naturally, Solage urged the crowd to, "Give it up for my favorite dance partner, my favorite person in the world — my sister Beyoncé!" Watch it below and let your heart warm like the springtime sun.

A couple of hours later, Jay Z made good with onetime rival Nas over "Dead Presidents II," no doubt causing an even bigger frenzy on the festival goers' Instagram feeds.