Conan O’Brien Is ‘Really Glad’ for Stephen Colbert


Conan O’Brien wasn’t up to take over The Late Show, he told the Associated Press. “I’m very happy where I am,” said the former Tonight Show host. He gave his blessing to CBS’s new hire (and onetime dance rival) saying, “I love Stephen. Stephen is great. I’m a huge fan of his as a comic and a human being. I think it’s fantastic and I’m really glad he got the job, and I look forward to seeing his show.” O’Brien will be at the helm of the upcoming MTV Movie Awards and, according to him, we have lots of fire displays, a new record, and some Kate Upton leering to look forward to. Should be swell!

Stephen Colbert Will Take Over for David Letterman, CBS Announces
Conan O’Brien ‘Really Glad’ for Stephen Colbert