Former Daily Show Head Writer’s Religious Satire Heading to Broadway

David Javerbaum, Debra Javerbaum== The Tony Awards== Radio City Music Hall, NYC== June 15, 2008== ©Patrick McMullan== PHOTO - JIMI CELESTE/ ==

The Last Testament: A Memoir by God, a comedy book by former-Daily Show head writer and executive producer David Javerbaum, is being adapted for the stage and is scheduled to open on Broadway in 2015. The book is billed as God's celebrity autobiography, as transcribed by Javerbaum, who continues to serve as a mouthpiece for the almighty on his popular Twitter account, @TheTweetOfGod. Javerbaum also co-wrote the musical Cry-Baby and penned songs for Neil Patrick Harris when he hosted the Tonys. “I am deeply disappointed that Jeffrey Finn has decided to produce this show,” Javerbaum said in a statement. “It will force me to continue my unwanted professional association with God, an abstract entity who has given me nothing but discomfort and agita. It is my desperate hope that we close out of town.” Irreverent religious humor has been working pretty well for the Book of Mormon, so hopefully Javerbaum and Finn will be able to replicate some of that success. Having The Daily Show on your resume seems to be kind of a golden ticket these days too, so we're optimistic.