HBO Renews Veep, Silicon Valley

Photo: Paul Schiraldi/HBO

HBO has renewed Veep and Silicon Valley for a fourth and second season, respectively, the channel announced today. Great news for Zach Woods, who is on both of those shows! And on The Good Wife sometimes, making him Sunday's most popular white guy. HBO already renewed Game of Thrones for two more seasons, plus Girls, Looking, and Getting On will all be back; mainstays True Blood and Boardwalk Empire are going into their final seasons later this year, as is The Newsroom. Fear not, though. As the HBO bible tells us, to everything there is a season; a time to renew, a time to cancel; a time to order 12 episodes of a comedy, a time to order a scanty 8; a time to order a one-off finale special for Hello Ladies, a time to let Larry David make his own decisions about whether Curb Your Enthusiasm will ever return.