Kevin Hart Is Launching His Own Funny Or Die


GQ has a new, lengthy profile of comedian Kevin Hart out today, and the piece details Hart’s plans to launch a website in the vein of Funny Or Die. The hypothetical website will feature comedy videos but also games, apps, music, and a place to buy concert tickets.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece:

Confidently, Hart forecasts the future, saying it won’t be long before his company will “have the same capability of the Netflixes and the Hulus.” His website, which he has dubbed until he can decide on a name, will help his fans cut through the clutter of an Internet that provides too much of everything (“I’ve typed in the strangest shit in the world on YouTube, and they got it. ‘Trash in ass’ is a guy shitting out trash. What the hell?”). [His rapper character] Chocolate Drop … may debut his world premiere music video on the site, Hart says. “It’s called, ‘Bitch, that Car is Mine.’” Give Hart one to three years, he says, and “I promise you, I will have something on the Internet that is game-changing. I can’t lose.”