The MTV Movie Awards Had a Star-Filled Cold Open


Award shows are increasingly just an excuse for the host to brag about how many famous friends he or she has, and tonight's MTV Movie Awards were no exception. In his opening bit, Conan pals around with Martin Scorsese, Lupita Nyong'o, Seth Rogen, and 47 or so others in an attempt to get a "record-breaking" 50 celebrity cameos in a cold open. Troy Miller, who directed the piece, told The Hollywood Reporter that the bit came together in three weeks, with Lupita signing on as the last piece of the puzzle yesterday. "We had this lean, mean SEAL Team Six machine. We'd come in, get it from six different angles and people would be out in six minutes," said Miller. Just like that scene in Zero Dark Thirty where they kill Osama Bin Laden where Taylor Swift and Conan get manicures.