There Might Be a Lego Movie-esque Peeps Film

01 Aug 2001 --- Pink Peep --- Image by © Craig Tuttle/Corbis Photo: Craig Tuttle/Corbis

Filmmaker Adam Rifkin (Detroit Rock City, Underdog) has optioned film and TV rights to Peeps candy, according to Deadline. Just Born, the company which makes the Easter-themed treats, has accepted a full-length animation pitch from Rifkin and his partners to direct a "Lego Movie-esque family epic" in which a wayward Peep gets misplaced the night before a Peeps diorama contest (which is a thing, apparently!) and must adventure through different-themed dioramas before the contest begins. So, a lot like The Lego Movie, only replace the universal appeal of Lego with the ugh please no more I feel sick of Peeps. Anyway, welcome to the future of cinema, in which a Disney ride and a bird-shaped marshmallow candy will battle for box-office supremacy. Enjoy your 2017 Academy Awards!