Play Vulture’s Game of Thrones ‘Guess Who?’


Guess Who? combines deduction with description. Game of Thrones combines Wait, who is that guy again? with violence and a misanthropic worldview. We love them both, and maybe you do too. And if Monopoly can franchise itself to various cities, sports teams, movies, historical eras, and TV shows, why not other childhood board games? Here is Vulture's "Game of Thrones Guess Who?" Instead of David ("Does your person have a beard?") and Maria ("Does your person have a hat?"), you're going to have to ask about Daenerys ("Is your person bossed up?") and Jaime ("Is your person missing a limb?") Don't get discouraged by the similarities: Yes, a lot of our Game of Thrones heroes have scars and carry swords, so you'll have to be more specific. It's quite a simple game: Phrase your questions with "Does your person ..." and then add on an identifier at the end.

Photo: Photos: HBO

Play on your own! Just print out the below three times each (twice for each board, once for the cards you pick from for your mystery people), and get going.