Report: Yahoo Is Getting Into the TV Game

Photo: Yahoo!

Proving that you’ll indeed never run out of TV to watch, The Wall Street Journal reports that Yahoo will soon have its own programming. According to the WSJ's sources, CEO Marissa Mayer has her eye on a few new original series — the kind you might find on Netflix or Amazon. If all goes according to plan, Yahoo will sign these projects in time to tout them at NewFront marketing conference at the end of this month. The goal there would be to convince marketers to shift at least some part of their TV advertising budgets in Yahoo’s direction, but there’s also potential revenue in international licensing and syndication. So far, Mayer and chief marketing officer Kathy Savitt have reportedly looked through upwards of 100 ready-to-launch projects in search of four half-hour shows with 10 episodes each and "per-episode budgets ranging from $700,000 to a few million dollars." We’ll find out soon enough if they’ve succeeded.