Fox Cancels Enlisted, Dads, and Surviving Jack

Photo: FOX

R.I.P. Dads, Enlisted, and Surviving Jack: Fox has confirmed that it won’t be ordering second seasons of any of those three first-year comedies. The network is also not moving forward with three comedies for which it had filmed pilots: Fatrick, Dead Boss, and writer Ricky Blitt’s No Place Like Home. But back to the cancellations. The death of Enlisted is not all shocking, give the network’s decision to bury season one on Fridays (and the resulting low ratings.) There had been some speculation that Fox execs were giving the show a serious second look, but as of now, it’s dead at Fox. Studio 20th Century Fox TV is expected to try to sell the series elsewhere. Meanwhile, Fox chief Kevin Reilly seemed to be laying the groundwork for a second year of Dads, telling Vulture and other outlets that he believed in multi-camera comedies and producer Seth MacFarlane’s ability to turn the show around. It died anyway. Fox is still deciding the fate of comedy pilots Cabot College (from Tina Fey) and the Justin Long starrer Sober Companion.