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See Pornstache, Daya, and Bennett in Our Orange Is the New Black Season 2 Posters

Things got awfully complicated for the unlikely love triangle of Daya, Bennett, and Pornstache last season on Orange Is the New Black, and since Daya is still pregnant, season two (which premieres June 6 on Netflix) brings with it some more impending problems. Can Daya and Bennett repair their down-low relationship before she gives birth to his child? When will the big day arrive? And what of Pornstache, whom Daya tried to frame for the pregnancy — a scheme that got the already-conniving prison guard (who fell hard for Daya) put on unpaid leave? To judge by these character posters debuting exclusively on Vulture, a scorned Pornstache is not to be messed with, especially when that latex glove he's wielding implies an uncomfortable, potentially unwanted cavity search. Add these up with the Piper vs. Pennsatucky posters from yesterday, and season two looks like it means war.

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