Neil Patrick Harris Turned Down CBS’s ‘Late Show’


During CBS’s recent late night shift, which saw Stephen Colbert installed as David Letterman’s replacement behind the Late Show desk effective sometime next year, Neil Patrick Harris was also considered for the job. Harris, who is coming off of a nine-year run on the network’s How I Met Your Mother, revealed CBS met with him about the job during an interview on The Howard Stern Show (audio embedded below). Here’s Harris talking about CBS boss Les Moonves having a meeting with him to discuss the Late Show job:

“In that instance, I felt like I knew what my skillsets were and I kind of knew what it is that I wanted to do after the show with him. I was surprised that he pitched me that idea. I sat for a minute with it while I was talking to him. I told him the things that concerned me about the longevity of that kind of gig, that I think I would get bored of the repetition fast and that the structure of it is so set. I don’t have any interest in doing monologue, commercial, sketch, guest, guest, musical guest, goodnight.”
“I think if it’s weekly and people really want to see it and you trust that there’s a lot of really great shit on there, then you’re gonna get the guests to want to come onto your thing. [With] a weekly thing, you’d have more time to prep for stuff. You could do pre-taped stuff that would be really exciting. You could flesh it out a little bit more, have more acts, and not just do nightly.”