The Many Faces of Mad Men’s Peggy Olson


Mad Men gets a lot of mileage out of Jon Hamm's now-iconic silhouette. But it gets even more mileage out of Elisabeth Moss's expressiveness. Peggy Olson makes a lot of faces, and they're all pretty fantastic — the scoffs, the smirks, the rare grin. More so than other characters on the show (except maybe Ted Chaough), Peggy's very expressive. Don's often unreadable, at least when he's sober; Joan tries to operate within the narrow bounds of what she considers decorous; Betty's perfect facade isn't compatible with frequent emotions; and even the reactive Pete tends to either pout or gloat, and not much else. But of all the secrets Peggy manages to keep, she's not someone who often hides how she feels. And as the following journey through all of her great moments shows, she often feels disappointed, slighted, marginalized, or skeptical — and with good reason.