Standup Guy Branum Wrote a Great Piece About Diversity and Representation on TV


“Isn’t that the fascinating irony of being under-represented in media? That when your group is finally represented, your response is a sharp, shocking sense of ‘that is not like me.’ Black America chaffed at the middle class comfort of The Cosby Show, career women of the 70s winced at the prim perfection of Mary Tyler Moore, and gay men rolled their eyes at the swishy camp of Jack on Will and Grace. But with decades of perspective, we can now see that these were groundbreaking series that did huge work to educate America about issues of race, gender and sexual orientation. The problem wasn’t the TV shows; it was us. We didn’t know how to be seen.”

-Standup Guy Branum (Totally Biased, Last Comic Standing) in an excellent piece for HuffPo called “It’s Still Not Easy Being Seen.”