Watch the Very Strange Sketch Cut From This Week’s SNL


Andrew Garfield did a pretty decent job on SNL this weekend, showing off an admirable Justin Timberlake impression and demonstrating some true bravery by playing a character who does not fully worship Beyoncé. Bold moves, Spider-Man! One sketch that did not make it to air, however, is the truly strange "Wing," a spoof — sort of? — of '90s teen dramas. There's a 90210-ish feel, thanks to the wailing guitar bumper music, the Spanish-tiled roof on the exterior shots, and a character named "Dylan," but the audience oohs and aahs might as well be from Full House. This kind of flat-affect, self-conscious peculiarity has become Kyle Mooney's calling card this season, but "Wing" seems like it would be more at home on Adult Swim than NBC.