Andy Cohen Shopping I Slept With a Celebrity

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE -- Episode 11096 -- Pictured: Andy Cohen -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank) Photo: Bravo/Bravo/Getty

Bravo's Andy Cohen is shopping around a new reality show called I Slept With a Celebrity, according to Variety. (Cohen would be an executive producer should any network decide to buy the show. VH1, your phone is ringing.) The weekly series would have two guests who each want to tell the story of the time they boned someone famous. How well-known will these allegedly bedded celebrities be? Unclear! Will anyone be vetting these stories for accuracy? Who knows! How detailed and dirty will the stories get? The answer to both better be very, otherwise it's just rude name-dropping. Tell us everything or tell us nothing; nothing is obviously preferable for the preservation of human dignity, but Cohen et al. have long since passed that point.