Tom Cruise, by the Numbers: How Much Did the Oprah Effect Cost Him, and How Many Duncan Jones Movies Has He Ripped Off?


Hollywood’s most durable action hero returns this week in Edge of Tomorrow. Here, a breakdown of his biggest paychecks, post-couch-jump earning power, and facial evolution.

$8.2 billion: Amount Cruise’s movies have grossed worldwide.

5 percent: Rotten Tomatoes score for 1988’s Cocktail, Cruise’s worst-reviewed movie.

98 percent: Rotten Tomatoes score for 1983’s Risky Business, Cruise’s best-reviewed movie.

18,000: Pairs of Ray-Ban Wayfarers sold in 1981.

360,000: Pairs of Ray-Ban Wayfarers sold in 1983, the year Cruise wore them in Risky Business.

37: Number of movies Cruise has been in, including Edge of Tomorrow.

$694.7 million: Worldwide gross of 2011’s Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol, Cruise’s best-performing movie.

$1.2 million: Gross for Losin’ It, Cruise’s worst-performing movie.

$75 million: Cruise’s biggest paychecks, which he reportedly received for both the second and third Mission: Impossible movies.

3: Oscar nominations
0: Oscar wins

7: Golden Globe nominations
3: Golden Globe wins

6: Razzie nominations
2: Razzie wins

500 percent: Reported increase in naval enlistees who said they wanted to be pilots after Top Gun’s release in 1986.


The Oprah Effect
How much did Cruise’s couch-jumping really hurt him?


A Career on Two Wheels
Outside of a pair of Ray-Bans, Cruise’s favorite movie accessory is a motorcycle.


His Face: An Evolution


His Secret Inspiration?
Cruise’s two most recent movies bear strong resemblances to the work of director Duncan Jones.

Duncan Jones’s Moon (2009)
A solitary lunar miner discovers he has a doppel­gänger and that both were sent to the moon to work by the same evil corporation.

Tom Cruise’s Oblivion (2013)
A solitary repairman on postapocalyptic Earth discovers he has a doppel­gänger and that both are working for evil aliens.

Jones’s Source Code (2011)
An Army pilot finds himself in a ­computer simulation that makes him relive the same eight minutes over and over again until he finds the culprit in a terrorist bombing.

Cruise’s Edge of Tomorrow (2014)
A military officer relives the same combat mission over and over again until he defeats a race of evil aliens.

*This article appeared in the June 2, 2014 issue of New York Magazine.