Orphan Black Recap: New Clone Alert!

Orphan Black
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Variable and Full of Perturbation
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There’s a new clone!

Tony is a transgender clone, and he gets mixed up with the rest of the crew by way of Beth, the dead police officer clone. This is awesome; not only is Tony fucking with the gender binary, but he’s also fucking with the clone group dynamics. His friend Sammy was shot during a robbery, but he was sure to pass on a message to Tony before he breathed his last breath, part of which was to find Beth. Well, you can’t find Beth because she threw herself in front of a train, but he did find Art, who immediately took him to Felix’s house. That’s where they discover that Tony has no clue he’s a clone, and that he won’t deliver his message to anyone but Beth.

Felix and Art finally come clean that Beth is dead, so Tony holds on to the message as leverage until someone tells him what’s going on. A quick glimpse of the painting Felix did for Sarah’s mock funeral and then running into Sarah in the hallway opened it up for Tony to have the “where do clones come from, Mommy?” conversation. He seemed to take it well, but had to leave anyway when everyone realized Dyad would be coming after him right away. The message was cryptic: “Tell Beth keep the faith, Paul’s like me, he’s on it, he’s a ghost.” Sammy, what the fuck. I know you were dying but that is a LOT OF WORDS you could have used in a better order to make some sense. I hope Tony comes back soon; Duncan would have a heart attack if he saw one of his clones with a Y chromosome.

Speaking of heart attacks, that’s the lie Rachel is telling everyone about Dr. Leekie — that he died of a heart attack on the private jet. Was Donnie being followed? How did she know he was dead? She probably just assumed her crew got him, particularly after her threat last week, but she’s so thorough you’d think she would require evidence. Delphine doesn’t believe her, but Delphine has bigger problems now that Cosima has locked her out of the lab. It’s about time, Cosima! Scott thinks “girls fight mean,” but shut up, Scott, you’re still new and this is none of your business. After Cosima snatches Kira’s tooth from Delphine without slamming the door in her face, Scott gets busy drilling, and suggests bone marrow would be a much better long-term solution. NO DUH, Scott, but you can see the donor is a child, right? You can’t just start sucking the bone marrow out of a kid, particularly not a kid who is destined to be some sort of clairvoyant superhero.

Donnie is a complete mess this week, unable to handle the fact that his life has been a lie and he’s an accidental murderer to boot. He forgot to pick up Alison from rehab or bring the kids to school because he’s too busy getting drunk in bed. Donnie, you’re a dummy after my own heart. The whole seen was terribly hilarious (“The day I get back from rehab!”), but the deep conflict almost makes Donnie pack up and leave. Alison stops him and they have a heart to heart about the people they’ve both killed (Aynsley and Dr. Leekie), and then Alison flips out when she learns that Donnie killed Dr. Leekie with one of her guns and put it back in the house. Let’s give Donnie a small break, Alison—you’ve had weeks to come to terms with being a murderer, and you sort of reacted in the same way by getting drunk on tiny bottles of hooch. I think these two are going to work it out and be stronger than ever.

Sarah brings Kira with her to Mrs. S’s house while they work out what to do with Duncan. Delphine reports to Rachel now, and she shows up at Mrs. S’s with a new plan—Duncan’s synthetic sequences hold the key to making a gene therapy cure that doesn’t involve Kira’s stem cells, so if they hand him over Cosima and the rest of the clones can be saved. Of course they hand him over rather than continuing to wait for Kira to slice out her own liver in an effort to help out. Before he leaves, he’s reading “The Island of Dr. Moreau” to Kira and telling her that he’s “no one’s pawn.” You’re also a dude who has been out of the parenting game for years — that book is entirely too creepy to be read to a kid that age! Duncan is glad Leekie is dead, but Rachel is having a bit of a breakdown in light of everything with Leekie, Paul being M.I.A., and her dad coming back to drop some serious science. In private she smashes her office to bits, but in public she’s as aloof and cool as usual.

The other big reveal of the night came when Duncan revealed that the clones are designed to be barren. That’s not creepy at all, Duncan! At first Rachel was pissed that Sarah succeeded in getting pregnant, but she smirked a little when Duncan said Sarah actually failed. Then she trashed her office like a maniac so please, let’s still make sure Rachel gets some antipsychotics sooner than later.

After Cosima kicked Scott’s ass in a role-playing game, she coughed up a lot of blood, got high with Delphine, told Scott she was the clone they were researching, and then had a violent seizure on the floor. I changed my mind — get some of Kira’s bone marrow in her stat! We can’t let Cosima die, guys. Kira will understand.

In the end, Kira is too busy checking out the Dr. Moreau book Duncan left behind. He was right about not being a pawn; the gene sequence information is not on those floppy disks, but written in the book Kira is holding. Duncan you tricky bitch!

Unanswered Questions

  • Paul, where are you and what are you doing? A ghost for who? Is this a military operation? Can we trust you after all? GODDAMMIT, SAMMY.
  • If the clones are designed to be barren, what’s going to happen to Helena when Pastor SickFuck tries to inject embryos into her?
  • Are they going to kill Cosima? Because I might not be able to forgive it.
  • How many Pauls are working for Rachel and Dyad?
  • Did Duncan use a business card holder for his tea bag? What was that case?
  • “I’m sorry, I’m sorry about the porn and putting you in rehab and hating your mother.” Donnie’s apology tour is epic.
  • What’s with the dick on the bottom of Sarah’s painting, Felix? “Creative license, nothing more.”