Peter Serafinowicz Does Wonderful World Cup Commentary


Comedian Peter Serafinowicz (Look Around You, Running Wilde) has been providing live commentary on recent World Cup matches via his account on the website Mixlr, despite not  being familiar with soccer and apparently analyzing a different sport.

Here’s a bit from his recent commentary on the US-Ghana match (via Sports Illustrated):

Well I’m afraid this game has entered rather boring territory again. … I’m looking at the clock and it’s 59:30 and I’m thinking, “Goodness gracious. 60 minutes in, I mean, two-thirds of the way in and still, what a boring game.What a game. We’ve had sad goals, happy goals, people jettisoned into the sea.In this particular game, some of the players have been replaced by actors, and in one case, a fashion model, because they were deemed “not telegenic enough.” They don’t look good on camera …I mean really, it’s just a lot of guys kicking a ball.