The Only Public Screening of the ‘Chris Gethard Show’ Pilot Will Be for the Winners of a ‘Game of Thrones’-Style Tournament


In January, comedian Chris Gethard shot a pilot of his public access series The Chris Gethard Show for Comedy Central. The network recently passed on the show, but Gethard announced today there will be a one-time only public screening of the pilot, with a catch: you have to win an intense Game of Thrones-themed competition to be able to see it.

For the UCB Theatre’s annual Del Close Marathon this coming weekend, The Chris Gethard Show is doing a Game of Thrones-style show with audience members forming teams and competing in a series of trials. Gethard writes:

“When only one team is left standing, they will be declared the winner of this tournament. The surviving members of that house will be granted our prize – THE WINNERS WILL BE TAKEN TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION AND WILL BE SHOWN THE PILOT TCGS SHOT FOR COMEDY CENTRAL.THIS WILL BE THE ONLY PUBLIC SCREENING OF THE TCGS PILOT WE EVER DO.”