Video-Game Fans Hate Peter Dinklage

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

A new video game called Destiny features Peter Dinklage playing a "Ghost," a robotic guide who follows the player from planet to planet — giving a general running commentary on the game. But even though he's a robot and doesn't really have to emote, Dinklage still isn't quite selling it. Kotaku calls his performance, "flat ... muted ... often sounds phoned-in." And a Reddit thread asks: "He sounds borderline lazy in some of his lines. I think his voice is great, but needs to drink a few more coffees before recording." To which a commenter smartly answers, "... He's playing a little floating robot, not Tyrion." No matter your opinion on artificial intelligence, take a listen at his performance in Destiny below and see if you would follow this robot around a crumbling universe.