Due to a Clerical Error, There’s Now a Catholic Church on George Carlin Way


It’s been three years in the making, but a bill was finally signed into law today to name part of a Manhattan street after late comedian George Carlin. Only a one-block portion of the street was supposed to be named George Carlin Way, but, because of a clerical error, a two-block stretch will be given the name and that second block includes both Carlin’s childhood home and Corpus Christi Church. Priests at the church have opposed the plan to rename the street for years and that’s why the decision was made to not name Corpus Christi’s block after Carlin, a proud atheist who often goofed on religion in his act.

The mistake will be fixed in the fall when city council votes on another batch of street names, and city council has assured the church that street signs for George Carlin Way won’t be placed on the block.

(via NY Times) Photo credit: Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times