Every Season of ‘South Park’ Is Coming to Hulu Plus


Good news for South Park fans but bad news for those without Hulu Plus: At the Television Critics Association press tour on Saturday, Hulu announced that it’s made a pact with Trey Parker and Matt Stone to stream the entire South Park library on Hulu Plus. All 17 seasons will be available on Hulu for free until South Park’s 18th season premiere on Comedy Central come September 24th, when the library (including all new episodes) will switch over to Hulu Plus for subscribers only. All of South Park’s episodes have always been available via the South Park Studios website, but once the show makes the switch to Hulu Plus it’ll become an exclusive partnership and South Park Studios (which already has been updated to mention Hulu) will “transition to offering a revolving selection of free episodes, with video and advertising powered by Hulu.” Stone said during the press tour: “We were always looking at Hulu’s player with jealousy, with envy. We want our show to always have the best possible presentation. I think in the back of our minds we were thinking about how we could partner with Hulu.” The Hulu/South Park streaming deal follows FX’s similar deal with the entire Simpsons library, which is currently available on their FXNOW “TV Everywhere” app and will also launch on FXX with a 12-day marathon next month.