Watch a Promo for the New Season of Homeland


Homeland returns for its fourth season on Sunday, October 5, and if this first trailer is anything to go on, Carrie is up to her same old tricks — shouting, drinking wine, doing things her way! You know, typical CIA stuff. This season is set in and around Pakistan, and new cast members Raza Jaffrey (Smash) and Corey Stoll (House of Cards) are among those trying to fill the narrative gap left by Brody's absence. This promo shows only a quick glimpse of Baby Mathison (unless that's a photo of Carrie holding some rando munchkin), though it's unclear where said baby is living, and with whom. The fact that Saul is shown only for a fleeting moment is egregious, but we all have to learn to make do with what we're given.