Josh Gad Is Wary of Doing Frozen on Broadway

Josh Gad. Photo: Mayer RCF/Corbis

Would the cast of Frozen, comprised almost totally of live-theater veterans, ever consider joining the inevitable Broadway musical adaptation? Both Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell have said they’re open to the idea of reprising their roles onstage, while Jonathan Groff begged off the idea, claiming he’s not as hot as his cartoon character: “It would be a big letdown. I’m not blond or six-foot-five.” This week, Vulture ran into Josh Gad at the New York premiere of his new Zach Braff movie Wish I Was Here, and we asked the onetime Tony nominee whether he’d be open to playing his snowman character Olaf in the live-action adaptation. “You know … never say never,” he offered, gingerly. “There’s nothing on the page enticing about dressing up in a snowman outfit eight shows a week, but I love the creative team enough to at least hear what they have to say … If they say we have an idea, I may be open to it. But when you say ‘Frozen, the musical,’ it’s not something where I’m immediately like, ‘Yes, I must do that.’” If you'd put all your hopes into a cast reunion, should you let it go? (Sorry, we'll show ourselves out.)