Russia Won’t Let House of Cards Film in the U.N. Security Council Chamber

HOUSE OF CARDS Photo: Melinda Sue Gordon/Knight Takes King Prod/Netflix

Another blow has been dealt to the already fraught relationship between Vladimir Putin and Frank Underwood: Foreign Policy reports that Russia has refused a request to allow House of Cards to film in the U.N. Security Council chamber. The show asked the 15-nation Security Council if they could shoot two episodes in the chamber while they weren't in session, but the Kremlin wasn't into it: "We are of [the] opinion that the Security Council premises should be available at any time and on short notice," said Mikael Agasandyan, UNSC coordinator for the permanent Russian delegation to the U.N. "Besides that, we consistently insist that the Security Council premises are not an appropriate place for filming, staging, etc." Looks like Putin better watch his back the next time he takes the D.C. Metro.