Song of Summer Update: Eh, Still ‘Fancy’


Yes, "Rude" is still at the top of the Billboard "Hot 100." No, that doesn't mean it's automatically our new Song of Summer. The title for Song of Summer still pretty much belongs to "Fancy," which really only fell one spot to No. 2. Another reason why "Fancy" is still our Song of Summer? Because Questlove says so:

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm torn between the opinions on the Internet, but I'mma let Iggy be Iggy. It's not even politically correct dribble. The song is effective. I'm in the middle of the approximation of the enunciation, I'll say. Part of me hopes she grows out of that and says it with her regular dialect — I think that would be cooler. But, yeah, "Fancy" is the song of the summer.

Honestly, we are getting a little bummed over here.