You Will Soon Be Able to Instantly Watch All of The Simpsons and Finally Find Happiness


We knew a whole bunch of Simpsons was coming when the show signed a syndication deal with FXX, but we're not sure if we could've expected this. It was announced today that the 12-day marathon we were promised will feature every single episode of the show played in chronological order (with the movie airing after episode 400). The marathon, which is the longest in TV history, will begin on FXX on August 21 at 10 a.m. and will end on September 1 at 12 a.m. But wait: There's more. 

Coming in October, FXX will launch Simpsons World, which will be a site and app for streaming any Simpsons episode at any time. But FXX is calling it "world" for a reason: Built by the HBO Go people, the site will be highly customizable and versatile. You'll be able to search by characters and clips. You'll be able to toggle between an episode and its script and then tweet out a certain quote. There will be trivia and information on running jokes so you won't miss anything. Finally, you'll get why that one friend always laughs when he sees rakes.