Matt Zoller Seitz Live-Blogs the 2014 Emmys


Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea. I'm Matt Zoller Seitz, TV critic for New York Magazine and Vulture, and I'll be live-blogging the Emmys tonight. Expect a mix of historical contextualization and snide bitching. Will Jon Hamm finally win an Emmy, or will Bryan Cranston take it again? Is there any force on earth that can stop Jim Parsons from taking home another trophy? Will I be able to get through three hours without complaining that Hannibal and The Americans aren't up for any major awards, and that Tatiana Maslany was robbed? Oops, too late. Join me in the little box below, and feel free to send your own comments in all the way at the bottom; during down moments, I'll sift through them and post a few.