Vulture Live-Blogs the 2014 MTV VMAs


Hello, Vulture Readers! As your new pop-music critic, I’m about to embark on the most exciting part of my hazing process inaugural duties: live-blogging the MTV Video Music Awards! All night, I’ll be posting my up-to-the-minute commentary of pop music’s most shamelessly self-congratulatory night, and I’ll be publishing some of your comments, too. Which Beyoncé video will win more than the other Beyoncé videos? Who will take home the coveted moon man for Best Video With a Social Message? (Hint: Macklemore isn’t even nominated!) Whose racially insensitive performance will we be reading think pieces about tomorrow? (Hint: Macklemore isn’t even performing!) Join me in learning the answers to all these questions — and more. Please leave any comments in the comments area at bottom, and I'll incorporate them when I can. Happy watching.