A Video Guide to ‘The Late Late Show’s New Host James Corden


CBS made a completely unexpected announcement today with the news that they’ll be replacing Craig Ferguson with British comedian and actor James Corden as host of The Late Late Show next year. After all the news of Chelsea Handler’s interest in hosting for CBS, Norm Macdonald’s huge online campaign to get the gig, and Craig Ferguson saying that his replacement should “unquestionably be a female,” the news of a relatively unknown name in the States landing the coveted late night spot comes as a big surprise, though Corden is far from unknown in the UK, where he’s shown up in a ton of musicals, shows, and films and currently hosts a sports panel show called A League of Their Own. Here’s a video guide to some of Corden’s best comedic work to give you an idea of what to expect when he takes over The Late Late Show next year.