Great Moments in Chris Pratt History: Everwood

UNSPECIFIED - MAY 06: Medium shot of Chris Pratt as Bright. (Photo by Richard Cartwright/Warner Bros./Getty Images) Photo: Richard Cartwright/Warner Bros/Getty

Chris Pratt has become America's Hunk Sweetheart this summer, thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy — and a Jennifer Lawrence–level mastery of turning junket interviews into an elaborate charm offensive. Some Pratt fans have been enjoying these lovable antics since the dawn of Parks and Recreation. Some perhaps recall his memorable turn as Che on The O.C. And then there are those of us lucky enough to remember Chris Pratt's early days. The days of Everwood.

Everwood is one of the great underappreciated shows of the early 2000s, and truly one of the best teen shows in living memory. Pratt played Bright Abbott, a goofy jock trying to come to terms with the guilt he feels after a drunk-driving accident leaves his best friend — his sister's boyfriend — in a coma. Can't you feel the feelings already?!

As the show progressed, Bright grew into himself, learning to juggle what he thought was his father's disappointment in him, his own growing ambitions, his occasional personal failures, and his long-term romance with the slightly prim, totally wonderful Hannah. Ugh, Hannah and Bright, just thinking about them makes me teary. Watch this and try not to die from joy:

Their relationship has a lot of adorable moments, including this one:

Just in case you haven't watched all of Everwood, I'm not going to post more, uh, heartwrenching Hannah and Bright moments. Watch them for yourself.

He was also full of good advice for Ephram:

And basically just all kinds of great moments:

Anyway, Everwood was the best show and Chris Pratt was great on it, and maybe now is a good time for everyone to acknowledge that.