Fox Passes on Tina Fey’s Pilot ‘Cabot College’


Tina Fey and Robert Carlock’s women’s college-themed Fox pilot Cabot College has been stuck in a state of limbo for a while now, but today Variety reports that the network has officially passed on the comedy starring Fortune Feimster, Margaret Cho, Broadway performer Jack Cutmore-Scott, and Guiding Light regular Bonnie Dennison as the announced cast. Here’s what Fortune Feimster had to say about the pilot taping in our interview with her from June:

The experience was amazing. It was the first pilot I had been a part of as far as a scripted sitcom, and for me it was a magical experience because I was playing a character who was very similar to my own personality — a character I got to have a lot of fun with — and the cast all got really close really quickly, and then the fact that we had Tina Fey there for four days giving notes and just being awesome and encouraging, it felt like I was in some kind of Twilight Zone of awesomeness. I just tried to take it all in, because with pilots you never know if that’s gonna be your last thing with that project, so I just try to be aware of what’s happening and appreciate it. I still think that night, especially in front of a live audience, was one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done. The show just came together so beautifully and the audience was onboard and we were all close and I was really proud of what we had done. I don’t know what’s going to happen to it, but I know we gave it everything we had.