The Lil’ Kim–Nicki Minaj Feud Rages Again


While it seemed for a while that the feud between Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj had reached some sort of détente, tensions appear to be flaring yet again. Earlier this week, a mere 48-hours after Beyoncé dropped her Nicki-assisted "Flawless" remix, Lil' Kim released her own remix of the remix in hopes of setting a few things straight. After Nicki's line proclaiming herself "the queen of rap," Lil' Kim cuts in, spitting: "Am I trippin' or did this ho just say my name? / Queen of rap? F--k outta here / Queen's back, f--k outta here / Time to get this rap bitch up outta here." (She also replaced all of the Nicki selfies on the cover with her own photos, continuing her trend of declaring war via Photoshop).

And the brawl isn't over yet: Today, Lil' Kim released yet another track called Identity Theft that takes aim at female rappers who crib from her, with lines like “Anything you tryna do, I done did it," and “I gave birth to your style.”  While she doesn't mention Nicki by name, her Photoshop skills once again do all the talking:

Still, Nicki has also been known to extoll the importance of originality, so we're sure she'll understand where Lil' Kim is coming from and react in a mature, rational manner, with no shade whatsoever. No, no shade.