The 50 Best Bootleg Bart T-Shirts


It’s easy to forget Bartmania. Over time, The Simpsons has come to be identified by the core family and the many residents of Springfield. But for the first two seasons, Bart was the undeniable breakout star. He was an international sensation, with a chart-topping single (“Do the Bartman”) and legions of fans chanting his catchphrases. And on no place was that more apparent than people’s torsos, where Bart was a T-shirt icon. Not only did 20th Century Fox make a mint on Bart merchandise, but Bart became a fixture of bootleg T-shirt-makers. His brand of rebelliousness and “do what I want” attitude was co-opted by many groups around the world, resulting in jingoistic Bart shirts, international Bart shirts, vulgar Bart shirts, and, most common, Black Bart shirts. Bootleg Bart is a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account that chronicles this phenomenon. Here are 50 of the best Bootleg Bart shirts. Click through this slideshow to remember this very specific point in time. Also, make sure not to have a cow, man.