Jerry Seinfeld Makes It Rain on Strippers

Photo: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

When Chris Rock spoke to Vulture earlier this week about his new comedy, Top Five, he predicted that Jerry Seinfeld's cameo would be "the big shock of the movie. I mean, it’s Jerry Seinfeld in an R-rated movie, so it’s kind of like a special effect in itself." So, of course, I had my eye out for Seinfeld onscreen as the movie premiered at the Toronto Film Festival late last night.

He shows up near the end, along with Adam Sandler, at a strip club bachelor party for Chris Rock's famous-comedian character, Andre, who has just released a movie about the Haitian slave rebellion in a bid to get taken seriously, and whose career is so close to Dancing With the Stars desperation that the best thing going for him is his upcoming, to-be-televised marriage to a reality TV star (Gabrielle Union). "Don't get a mistress!" Seinfeld warns him. "Whack off! Even if she finds a live vagina in your pocket, deny it!" Was Seinfeld as shocking as Rock predicted? Nah. I'd nominate DMX for best, most self-effacing cameo. But it was pretty funny to see Jerry Seinfeld gyrating in slow motion in a sea of breasts as he pulls out a wad of $100 bills and makes it rain.