Rust Cohle Would Like to Sell You a Lincoln


Following in the footsteps of John Slattery, Lincoln has tapped yet another suave, distinguished actor to be the star of its new advertising campaign. In his ads for the 2015 Lincoln MKC, Matthew McConaughey channels his roles in both True Detective and the Lincoln Lawyer — call him the Lincoln Detective! — by combining some nonsensical Rust Cohle philosophizing with, well, a love of Lincolns. (There’s also a bull in one of the trailers, perhaps also an homage to his bull-riding in Dallas Buyer’s Club?)

Nicholas Winding Refn, best-known for helming Drive, directs the ads, which makes sense because they are both about driving, and because these trailers are super meta.

Anyway, they will definitely make you want to have Matthew McConaughey drive you around in a Lincoln. That's what this is selling, right?

Yeah, that's it.