Boyz II Men’s 40 Matchiest Outfits


Over their nearly 30-year history, Boyz II Men have become known for many things: killer harmonies, hits that stayed on top of the charts for a very long time, and songs about doing it with a person you love dearly. But maybe their greatest legacy is their clothes. In the '90s, Boyz ll Men were the Michael Jordan of matching. (Oddly enough, in the '90s, Michael Jordan was the Horace Grant of matching.) If one Boy II Man wore a teal windbreaker over a salmon shirt tucked into yellowish-white shorts, they all did. Sometimes they'd complement each other and be a study of beige and tans, but no matter what, they were always unified — their clothes, like their music, were harmonious. In honor of their new-ish record, Collide, we wanted to look back at their tremendous legacy. It's not too hard, not too soft.