FX’s ‘Simpsons World’ App Launches Tomorrow


After a long wait, FX Networks announced today that its comprehensive Simpsons app called “Simpsons World” will finally be made available to fans tomorrow. The app (which requires a cable subscription login) will include clips, trivia, and access to all 552 Simpsons episodes including current episodes made available the day after they air on Fox, not to mention a bunch of other goodies the network revealed at TCA back in July. Said Simpsons showrunner Al Jean: “Hello ‘Simpsons World,’ goodbye free time! Seriously.”

Check out the full list of “Simpsons World” features below:

- Video content that will greet users the moment they enter the experience-All 25 Seasons of The Simpsons and each new episode from the current season (one day after its original broadcast on FOX) will be available at users’ fingertips-“Everything Simpsons,” a dynamic newsfeed showcasing the latest Simpsons news, social media updates, “Did You Know” fun facts, featured episode playlists and clips-“The Simpsons Heartbeat” which organizes the complete catalogue of episodes by popularity-A premium video player that will provide recommendations to other clips and episodes users would enjoy as well as the ability for users to share content on their social networks-A simple, intuitive way to browse through the catalogue by season, playlist, most popular episodes and exclusive video content-A responsive search function allowing users to find video of their favorite characters and guest stars in the entire catalogue or any of the nearly 3,000 clips(via)