John Cleese Insulted Taylor Swift’s Cat


Taylor Swift is both a devoted cat-lover and, as of recently, a feminist. John Cleese managed to insult her on both fronts during a joint appearance on The Graham Norton Show last week (Graham Norton talent bookers, we salute you). “How did it have the accident?” said fellow cat-lover Cleese when Norton put up a photo of Taylor’s beloved Scottish fold, Olivia Benson. “Is that a proper cat? Is it damaged irreparably? It’s the weirdest cat I’ve ever seen in my life.” Swift looked visibly offended, even more so when Cleese kept talking: "I much prefer cats,” he continued, on the subject of cats versus dogs. “They're unpredictable and cussed — like women!” Thankfully Cleese never got around to sharing his opinions on Ed Sheeran and the color red, but it's safe to say the damage has been done.