Learn All About Print Humor with Writers from ‘The New Yorker,’ ‘GQ,’ ‘Vanity Fair,’ and More


If you’re interested in writing humor or writing about humor, there’s a two-day event at the PIT in New York this month called the Humber Print Humor Workshop that’s set to be packed with comedy writing experts. The event takes place October 18th and 19th and includes several panel discussions and author Q&A sessions with agents, editors, authors, and bloggers who know a thing or two about the world of print humor. Poking a Dead Frog writer Mike Sacks will be moderating several panels – including one with Splitsider’s own Adam Frucci – and other writers from Cracked, Vulture, Wired, GQ, and more. To check out the full schedule and purchase tickets for the event, head over to Humber’s website.