Women in Leather Jackets: The TV Season So Far


The fall season is juuuust underway, and while a few stragglers will premiere in the rest of October, we're mostly up and running. So far, this season hasn't had any major new hits or any genre breakthroughs. But one thing is common across network and cable, comedy and drama, hit and underdog shows right now: Female characters are wearing a lot of leather. Leather jackets (and possibly faux-leather jackets) are everywhere, more than the reliable jean jacket or even the go-to black blazer. Generally, the jackets are there to represent toughness — or at least a "no-nonsense" attitude, as if there are people who love nonsense — but sometimes it's just to rough up an otherwise-cutesy sitcom ensemble. Leather for everyone! Please note, all these jackets are from this season, as in, within the last few weeks. Other characters have worn lots of leather jackets in the past — ahem, Olivia Benson — but just not yet this year.