Dave Holmes Is Writing a Book

Atta boy. Photo: Bravo

Here's some exciting news from one of Vulture's own: Dave Holmes, TV personality and our “Somewhere in Time” columnist, has signed a deal to write a comic memoir. Set to publish in the spring of 2016, the book is tentatively titled Party of One. Read the full synopsis below. Mazel tov, Dave!

Charting Holmes’ painfully hilarious trip through a life lived on the outside, desperately trying to get in — from his youth as the artsy kid in a sportsy family to his time as a closeted gay kid in a conservative Catholic school, through his experience losing the first “Wanna Be A VJ” contest on live television and subsequent career as a big fat grown man at MTV in the eye of the teen pop hurricane, up to his life as a man in his 40s who has finally learned to accept himself, simply because he’s tried everything else — Party of One will detail every wrong turn that’s led him to the right place, and will take the reader on a nostalgic ride through the music and pop culture of the '80s, '90s, and '00s that shaped his journey.