Kanye West Remixed Lorde’s Hunger Games Song


Please let this "Yellow Flicker Beat" remix be the beginning of a beautiful musical friendship. Kanye and Lorde giving each other fashion advice. (They agree you never can have too many black kilts.) Kanye and Lorde texting each other impenetrable strings of emoji. Kanye and Lorde taking long, meandering walks through the streets of Auckland to find the best hidden brunch spots. (He gets a mimosa, she sticks with orange juice.) Lorde inviting Kanye to her birthday party, and he's not sure about going because he knows Taylor will be there, but it's been a few years, and hey, all that's in the past by now, so why not come, it probably won't be weird, and then later that night someone leaves the kitchen, and for a second it's just Kanye and Taylor there, and they get to talking, first about the Grammys, and then, later, about some pretty big stuff, and Lorde sees them from across the room. She smiles.